Frequently Asked Questions

When will you be coming to my area?

We will be installing the City of Winkler infrastructure this year. As we are building this out, we will be branching off into business and residential areas. The hookups for residences will begin late fall or spring. We will be posting current and possible future developments on our website.

We will add you to the production list (please fill out form at and we will be in contact with you as we get closer to the installation date. Streets and neighborhoods will be competing for “who gets fiber next” campaign… become a “neighborhood hero” and spread the word…FIBER IS COMING!

Why is there a hole in my driveway or lawn?

As our contractors install the conduits, on occasion they may need to cross a gas line. By law, they will have to create a line of sight to the gas line as they are drilling under or over the gas line. The contractor is required to restore hard property such as driveways and private property. The City of Winkler is responsible for repairing soft surfaces in the Right Of Way (ROW) such as grass.

When will fiber to the businesses and residences south of Highway 14 go live?

Businesses and residences will need to wait until the Central Office (CO) is built. We estimate the building completion date to be late September or early October.

What happens if I missed sign up when construction was in my area?

After the construction crews leave the area, the cost to bring the fiber to your house will be between $750-$1,800 depending on the length of the run and difficulty of the drill route. There would be five crews involved: locate and safety watch team, ground construction crew, fiber crew, installers at house, installers/technicians in house.

Why don’t I have a “This is a Valley Fiber Home” sign on my yard?

Not every Valley Fiber home will have a sign. We invite you to contact us if you are not sure that you are on our production list.

What will happen to my MTS email account if I cancel my MTS internet?

We recommend you create a free email account with Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo. You can transfer your emails and contact list to these email providers as well. You can keep your MTS email for a monthly fee of $5+/month per email address…unless you can negotiate a better price.

Will each house have a dedicated fiber strand?

Yes. If you are in city limits, we will be offering fiber directly into your home. If you have a fiber ready router, the fiber will be plugged directly into router. The other end runs directly to our internet servers at our new Central Office. Some clients may want two fiber strands to their home…one for personal use and one that connects them directly to their office server in Winkler.

What if I am renting my house/duplex/fourplex?

Please contact the owner for permission or have the owner contact us. We will work with the owners to make sure everyone has the opportunity to get fiber to their home.