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No Long Term Contracts

Unlimited Data

Valley Fiber is now offering a promotional FREE installation of our next generation fiber optic infrastructure to your home! You will have access to the fastest speeds and most reliable network in the region at amazing prices. No long term contracts and unlimited data! Valley Fiber’s dedicated fiber distribution method guarantees your speeds, and ensures our service will be there when you need it the most! Please see the rate table below for the plan most suitable for your home.

Dedicated Internet Service Offerings
Residential Plan - Unlimited Data - Guaranteed Speeds

Speed Reference Chart
Downloads (on 25mbps)
5GB file = 25min, 33MB photo file = 10sec
Uploads (per 5GB file)
5mbps = 2h 24min | 10mbps = 1h 12min | 25mbps = 29min | 50mbps = 14min
Video calls in HD
Approximately 1.5mbps per caller (keep this in mind in group video calls)
Hosting Facebook Live
720p video requires 2mbps upload speed

I would like Valley Fiber to install fiber optics to my residence and I agree to sign up for an internet plan with Valley Fiber for a minimum of one month.