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Fast, Reliable Internet For Rural Manitobans

Connecting our communities with fiber internet and wireless internet services.

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Home Fiber

Guaranteed Internet Speeds

Our dedicated fiber optic line is direct from our network to your home. Experience home internet with guaranteed bandwidth and world-class symmetrical speeds that won’t slow you down.

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Home Wireless

High-speed Internet

Our advanced wireless internet service ensures continuous streaming, gaming, and browsing via multiple devices.

Why Choose Valley Fiber As Your Internet Provider?

Designed for Speed

Our network includes dedicated fiber optic connections guaranteeing symmetrical upload and download speeds, even during peak times.

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Whole Home Wi-Fi Coverage

Get a consistently strong signal for streaming, gaming, and working from every part of your home or office.

Manitoba Proud

Committed to caring for under-served communities, our local support centres pick up the phone 24/7.


Life-changing Internet Service

Great service is something my friends and I still talk about. It honestly feels life-changing. A single person being on Netflix used to be CRIPPLING in terms of speed. Now, it’s something that’s not even noticeable. Service over time hasn’t wavered either.

Kristian Whale | Winkler
manitobas best fiber internet
PC Magazine, August 2023

The Fastest ISP in Manitoba: Valley Fiber

Valley Fiber beat all the other providers to be named the fastest internet service provider in Manitoba.

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manitoba's best internet services
PC Magazine, December 2022

The Best Gaming ISPs in Canada 2023

Winkler, Manitoba: Gaming Capital of Canada? Yep. With its fiber-optic network, which extends to some neighbouring locations, Valley Fiber proves for the second year in a row that it’s not only fast, but also has the highest-quality connection in the entire country.

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Coverage Map

Explore our coverage map to see which communities have access to fiber internet.

Don’t see your area covered? Check out our Wireless service.
Looking for business services? Check out our Business coverage map.

Coverage maps show an approximation and are subject to change without notice. If your address is within the coverage map, it does not guarantee service availability. Construction and location-specific availability may vary and can be dependent on many factors including weather, topography, and necessary approvals. For more information about your specific address, please feel free to contact us. For fixed wireless internet, even if your address appears within the coverage map approximation, a site inspection may be required to confirm if service can installed and to test coverage and speed capabilities.

Ready to experience world-class internet speeds?

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24/7 Local Support

Our support center is open 24/7 to answer questions about your current and future internet service.