About Valley Fiber

Who we are:

Valley Fiber Limited is a locally owned and operated technology firm based out of Winkler, MB. The ever-growing need for fast and reliable telecommunications has spurred on innovation. This innovation and its almost limitless potential has been one of the core passions for the Valley Fiber development team. Since 2017, this team has been working on bringing its next-generation dedicated fiber optic infrastructure design to the region. Valley Fiber was incorporated in December of 2016 and has since formed many partnerships with industry-leading developers to create and finalize its innovative design.

Valley Fiber in partnership with the City of Winkler has started the core infrastructure build out. This partnership will allow Valley Fiber to bring its dedicated service design to every home and business in the City of Winkler.

Our technology:

Valley Fiber will be using an Active Ethernet Network design that mimics a data center’s build and design style. This allows us to offer dedicated services to all of our customers and locations. From our main central office, Valley Fiber will install a duct and fiber to every building in its ever-growing service area.

Valley Fiber is installing additional ducting and fiber strands at the same time as the core deployment. This will allow Valley Fiber to expand without having to do additional ground work. This design style will also enable other entities or institutions to use this infrastructure and capitalize on further infrastructure made available by Valley Fiber.

Throughout the deployment, we will install polymer concrete vaults that are resistant to frost damage and have a weight load of approx. 22,000lbs. These vaults are essential because we do not want the fibers to be compromised. At each of these vaults we will have a station that will energize the tracer wire along that portion of the run. This will allow us to locate our infrastructure to avoid others from damaging it when working in the vicinity of our fiber optics.

Valley Fiber is deploying high count fiber optic cables throughout all of its service areas which will allow for speeds as fast as 450 Gbps. With additional strands and using only the highest yields of fiber, we will be able to offer speeds much greater than that in the near future. It is no stretch of the imagination to expect 10 Gbps as the new minimum or basic service standard. With that in mind, Valley Fiber has designed our network to be adaptable. Using transceiver technology that is available today in the commercial market, we can accommodate speeds from 10 Gbps to 450 Gbps. Valley Fiber is very confident that we will be able to scale up and meet the demand for years to come. If there is a need to scale beyond 450 Gbps, we can simply add more fiber optic cables in the already available ducting. We have near limitless scalability within our design model and take pride in our capacity to service not only our current generation, but generations to come.