“Valley Fiber proves for the second year in a row that it’s not only fast, but also has the highest-quality connection in the entire country”

– PCMag

Here at Valley Fiber, we are extremely proud to be able to once again claim the title of PCMag’s #1 ranked gaming ISP in Canada.

In early December, PCMag received hundreds of thousands of speed test results from customers of various ISPs across Canada. Among these results, Valley Fiber’s internet connection stands out as having the highest quality in terms of latency and jitter. Latency measures the time it takes for your connection to send and receive information and jitter measures how consistent your latency is over time. After adding these two scores together, PCMag awarded Valley Fiber a score of 7.2 (lower is better) on their Gaming Quality Index, almost 50% lower than the runner-up.

What does this mean for our customers? When gaming, it means you will have the fastest response times and minimal lag; when conducting business, like video meetings, you will experience consistent picture quality and virtually no delay when speaking. What’s good for gaming is also good for businesses.

We are thankful to be recognized the second year in a row for this massive accomplishment. It is incredible to think that an internet company from Winkler, Manitoba can manage to achieve the top spot on the national scale.

Valley Fiber will continue to strive for excellence, to raise the standard, and bring our network to more communities across the province.

We extend a massive thanks to all our staff and supporters,

The Valley Fiber Team