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How do you know if it’s right for you?

Say you have a fast internet plan, but you still notice dead spots, drop-offs, and buffering when you visit certain areas of your house. What’s going on? The reality of Wi-Fi is that, while convenient, it can be inconsistent across your home. Your house is full of things that can dramatically reduce the signal strength of your wireless devices! For example, if your wireless router is across the house or on a different floor, it simply cannot cover that entire area—and our solution to this problem is eero.

Your eero router pairs with additional eero nodes to form a fast and reliable whole-home Wi-Fi mesh; this is eero’s TrueMesh technology at work. With TrueMesh, your internet traffic is intelligently routed between eero devices, meaning you can move around your home and keep a strong signal wherever you go. And TrueMesh is only one of the benefits!

You can enjoy the benefits of a more optimized experience for simultaneous users with Wi-Fi 6. Take control of your online activity with eero Secure’s parental controls and ad-blocking features. Make your internet work better for you—with a simple setup and the eero mobile app, it’s incredibly easy!

Pair the speeds of a Valley Fiber dedicated fiber internet plan with the convenience of an eero whole-home Wi-Fi system today!

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