Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is Valley Fiber different than any of the other local incumbent / competitors?

    Valley Fiber will be using an Active Ethernet Network design that mimics a data center’s build and design style. Our Fiber build is dedicated not passive (GPON). The major difference is that in an Active Ethernet build out/network design like Valley Fiber’s, we can provide dedicated 1 Gbps connections to each individual customer. Dedicated connections mean fast and reliable internet all day every day.

  • Will there be a data cap with Valley Fiber?

    Valley Fiber will not be capping plans. We want our customers to use the services they are receiving without concern of an unexpectedly large bill in the mail. We also do not throttle plans at a set capacity or limit… your plan is truly unlimited.

  • When will you be in my area?

    We will install the City of Winkler infrastructure this year. As we build this out, we will branch off into business and residential areas. The hookups for residences will begin in fall 2017. We will post current and future developments on our website.

    We will add you to the production list (please fill out online form) and we will be in contact with you as we get closer to the installation date. Become a neighbourhood hero! Spread the word! FIBER IS COMING!

  • Why is there a hole in my driveway or lawn?

    As our contractors install the conduits, they occasionally need to cross a gas line. By law, they require a line of sight to the gas line as they are drilling under/over it. The contractor is also required to restore hard property such as driveways and private property. The City of Winkler is responsible for repairing soft surfaces in the Right Of Way (ROW), such as grass.

  • When will the fiber to the businesses and residences south of highway 14 go live?

    Businesses and residences will need to wait until the Central Office (CO) is built. We estimate the building completion date to be late November – December 2017.

  • What if I don’t sign up when the construction is in my area?

    When we are working in your area, you will receive a deadline notice. If you sign up after the deadline notice for your area, you may be required to pay a $600 fee; $53/month for one year; or $28/month for two years. Once the crews leave your construction zone, we will need to provide you with a quote and estimated time frame to install the fiber. This will be dependent on the length of the run, difficulty of the drill route, if you live outside of Winkler, among other special circumstances.

    There are five crews involved in this process: locate and safety watch team, ground construction crew, fiber crew, installers at house, installers/technicians in house.

  • Why don’t I have a “This Is A Valley Fiber Home” sign on my yard?

    Not every home will get a sign. Contact us if you are unsure that you are on our production list.

  • What happens to my MTS email account if I cancel my MTS internet?

    As long as you have an email account with Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo, you won’t be affected.  If you do not have an email account with one of these providers, you can create one for free and transfer your emails and contact lists to your new account.

  • What is included with the install?

    At the time of your Valley Fiber installation a technician will bring the fiber into your home to an agreed upon location. If you are renting a router for a cost of $5 / month the technician will install and configure this router in your home. If you are providing your own router, the technician will install a media converter which will act as the Valley Fiber demark. The demark will then convert the fiber signal to a standard copper RJ-45 connector that can be connected to your router via a standard cat5e or cat6 cable. Some settings to your router may need to be made in order to get service, please be ready to make these changes or have your technician available to make the changes for you. If you are needing the Valley Fiber technician to make these changes or reconfigure your router, this can be arranged and would be billed at $85.00 hour. Please let our staff know at the time of scheduling if you require additional time for configuring your router.

  • Can I sign up if I’m not in the construction zone?

    Yes, please sign up as soon as possible! This will help us determine where we go next with our drills. The higher percentage of sign-ups in an area will definitely help us decide who gets high speed fiber next!

  • I currently have VISP. Are they going to cancel me automatically when I get Valley Fiber internet?

    You will need to call VISP to cancel service to your home.

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