Valley Fiber is proud to announce that the Lockport, Manitoba-based internet company High Speed Crow is now a part of Valley Fiber! We admire HighSpeed Crow’s dedication to their customers and we are looking forward toinfusing their excellent team with our passion and expertise.
High Speed Crow will continue to operate out of their Lockport office and maintain their existing customer accounts and quality of service. Valley Fiber will collaborate with its growing staff to implement exciting upgrades to the HSC network, some of which have already been made! This integration of services will happen without delay, emphasizing continuous improvements that will benefit customers directly.
Customers remain our top priority, and both Valley Fiber and High SpeedCrow are dedicated to bringing the best internet experience possible to the entire HSC region and future areas, offerings, and connectivity with a focus on customer service.
With the purchase of High Speed Crow, our shared experience and ever-expanding fiber network will open exciting opportunities and new possibilities for the HSC network, with an outcome of improved quality of life in the HSC coverage area.
Valley Fiber’s staff welcomes High Speed Crow to the team with open arms and optimism anticipating a great future together!
To learn more about Valley Fiber and High Speed Crow, visit valleyfiber.ca and highspeedcrow.ca.
VF Making High Speed Crow Announcement – July 2021