We’re excited to bring you DEDICATED Fiber providing GUARANTEED speeds.

Curious what it’s like to bring you Valley Fiber services? Read below!

Sign-Up Requirements

Are we coming to your area? Interested in our services? Submit our online sign-up form with the plan you’d like along with your contact details and address. This way, we are prepared in advance and can have your paperwork sent to you in time for your area’s deadline. If we do not have an online form submission from you, one of our sales reps will go door-to-door in your area to make sure you don’t “miss the bus”!

Residents click HERE to sign up
Businesses click HERE to sign up

Paperwork Deadline

Keep your eyes/ears open for our paperwork deadline in your area.
If you already signed up online, good for you! We will send you the paperwork to sign on time.
If you hadn’t signed up online, we will be sure to go door-to-door to make sure we don’t miss you.
When your paperwork and payment information is in, you’re officially set to get your fiber! Now you can sit back and watch our crews work.


Got your sign-up form in? Awesome!
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All services such as hydro/gas, water, telecommunication providers, etc. will need to be located so we make sure not to hit them when drilling.
As a result of this, there will be many flags, spray paint, and pylons around town to mark all the utilities!

It’s also very important to have your own private utilities such as sprinkler systems, electrical you’ve installed yourself, etc. to be clearly located for our field team.

If you have any questions regarding your private locates, these can be directed to flagging@valleyfiber.ca

Proposed Fiber Route

Before our contractors enter your area, the Valley Fiber field team will flag our proposed route up to your home or business.

If you have any questions regarding our proposed route, these can be directed to 1-800-958-5698 or flagging@valleyfiber.ca

Installing Mainline

The first step in the construction phase is to install mainline conduit. This conduit is coloured and delivered on large reels, then pulled underground by directional drilling or stitching.

Our Vaults

We take pride in the build of our network being entirely underground.
No unsightly above-ground pedestals to hit, knock over, or repair!

The Mainline conduit is connected to concrete vaults placed underground where the fiber is spliced and pushed to your home or business through conduit.

Fiber Drop

After mainline and vault placements are complete, and the proposed route to your home or business is confirmed, the contractor will move on to installing drop duct.

Drop duct is the conduit that connects your home/business directly to our mainline/backbone at the Town/Municipality’s right of way. If your home is directionally drilled there will be a hole roughly 3×3′ made at at the mainline in front of your home/business to gain access and connect to the mainline conduit. The conduit to your home/business will be drilled from this hole, up to the NID placement on your building. In some regions this process will be done using stitching. After this drop duct is brought to your building, A Valley Fiber field tech will install the NID on the outside of your building and connect it to the conduit. After the NID is installed and all conduit in place, a Valley Fiber Drop Crew will push your fiber up to the NID and you’re now ready for your final install!

Final Install

When all mainline and drop fiber is in place, a Valley Fiber representative will be in touch to schedule your final install and activate your services!

Our installer will bring the fiber into the home from the NID, run fiber to the desired place in your home/business, and install your Media Converter (if you have your own router) or Router (if renting one).

After the final install, your services are live and you’re now connected to one of the fastest networks in Canada.
Welcome aboard!