New Basketball Court Comes to Morden Thanks to $127, 000 Contribution from Valley Fiber – MyMorden

Taken from, 16 June 2022

The City of Morden is partnering with Valley Fiber in the construction of a new full-size basketball court.

The new outdoor court will be located in the BSI Insurance Skate Park on Wardrop St.

“On behalf of Council and the City of Morden, we would like to thank Valley Fiber for their partnership and support on this significant project in our community. It is great to see a much-needed amenity in our City become a reality!” shared Nicole Reidle, City Manager.

“Many of our staff live in Morden or grew up in Morden, being able to give back to the community that many of our staff call home is an honour,” said Conley Kehler, Senior Vice President of Valley Fiber. “We feel fortunate to work with the City of Morden on bringing our innovative fiber build to the city was a goal of ours from the start. Seeing the City of Morden light up with fiber optic is a game-changer for residents and businesses. We are thrilled to make a difference in rural Manitoba and thrilled to be able to add a community basketball court for everyone to enjoy”

Valley Fiber is a local internet service provider that provides dedicated fiber internet, television, and phone services across Manitoba. Founded in 2016 by a group of Manitobans looking to bring high-quality internet to rural Manitoba, Valley Fiber is now home to almost 300 staff living and working in Southern Manitoba.

The Morden Skate Park was built in 2013 to provide a safe and accessible place in our community to participate in alternative sports such as skateboarding, scootering and BMX biking.

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