Sign-Up Process


Submit our online sign-up form to be pro-active! This way we are prepared in advance and can have your paperwork ready to send to you in time for the specified deadline for your area. If we do not have an online form submission from you, we will be sure to go door-to-door in your area to make sure you don’t miss out!

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Got your sign-up form in? Awesome!
Now wait patiently, follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates, and dwell in the thought of finally getting the internet speeds you’ve been waiting for!



Keep an ear open for our paperwork deadline for your area.
If you already signed up online, good for you! We will send you the paperwork to sign in time for the deadline.
If you hadn’t signed up online, we will be sure to go door-to-door to get as many people signed up as we possibly can.
When your paperwork and payment information is in, you’re officially set to get fiber and the rest is up to us!



We’ll need to have all proposed fiber routes located by various services such as hydro/gas, water, telecommunication providers, etc. so we make sure to to hit them when drilling.
As a result of this, there will be many flags, spray paint, and pylons!



Before our contractors approach your area, our field team will flag our proposed fiber route up to your home/business.
We will take our best guess as to where the fiber should be brought to your home/business, however you’ll have the opportunity to propose a different route if needed.



The first step in the construction phase is to drill mainline and install underground vaults throughout the community.
Mainline is the backbone (conduit and fiber) for the entire fiber network build which basically carries the fiber from your location back to our Data Center.
The mainline is installed along the streets and boulevards (underground), and connected to many underground vaults.



When mainline is complete and the proposed route to your location is confirmed, the contractor will then move on to installing drop duct.
Drop duct is the conduit that connects your home/business directly to our mainline/backbone at the boulevard.
The drill starts at the street, drills underground to your home/business and pops up beside your home/business where our NID will be installed.
Virtually no disturbance to your landscape!



When the drills have put all infrastructure underground, we install our NID on your home/business and connect the conduit.
We then push fiber into all the conduit, splice them at the vaults, and finally send your strand of fiber from the vault up to your NID.
You’re now ready for a final install.



When all mainline and drop fiber is lit and ready to go, we will be in touch to schedule your final install to get your services live!

Sometimes we can be a little too efficient, therefore our final install crews(installation of services in your house/business) could be ahead of our drop crews (fiber put into the duct up to your home/business). Therefore we might schedule a pre-install to have your services ready to go live as soon as our drop crew catches up.
No wasting time!