Reinfeld & Schanzenfeld

Valley Fiber is excited to bring DEDICATED fiber to Reinfeld & Schanzenfeld!

When connected with Valley Fiber, all Valley Fiber services will be available to you including dedicated internet with GUARANTEED SPEEDS, 4K multimedia & TV services, and more.

This opportunity is provided to you through the partnership of Valley Fiber and RM of Stanley Local Improvement Tax Payment Plan. The approximate cost for infrastructure is $4500 and this requires a financial commitment from customers for a portion of this cost. The portion required from customers to confirm their connection to their residence is $1500 along with a two-year agreement. This will cover the first 100 feet of construction to your residence from your property line. Additional distance may result in additional costs and will be quoted prior to your commitment.

If you’ve received notice that your address could be eligible, read below for information and details on how to get connected.

This fee can be paid in one of two ways:

  • Pay the fee directly to Valley Fiber before March 15th, 2020.
    Interac, Pre-Authorized Debit, Credit Card, or Cash are accepted.
  • Add the cost over 5 years to your property taxes through the RM of Stanley. You’ll need to fill out a Local Improvement Tax Payment Plan and return it to Valley Fiber (before March 15th, 2020) along with a signed Valley Fiber agreement. This document will be sent to you if you choose this method of payment on your signed agreement. If you require more than $1,500 to cover your connection due to long service length the entire cost can be financed through the local improvement.


Choosing to bring Valley Fiber to your home can reduce your current costs while providing the highest level of service available today.

Your current bills may look something like this:

$82/mo. – DSL Internet (“up to” 5Mbps download / 0.5Mbps upload)
$93/mo. – Satellite TV Package (middle of the row plan)

$175/mo. Total 
*pricing example is based on provider’s websites and may differ based on your actual plan.

What it could look like with Valley Fiber:

$120/mo. – Dedicated Fiber Internet/TV Bundle (150Mbps download/upload & over 100 channels)
$25/mo.  – Construction cost broken down over 5 years ($1,500 one time or $300/yr on property tax)

$145/mo. Total
a savings of about $30/mo.!

*savings depend on customer’s actual plans
*$25/mo. for construction is only for comparison purposes and cannot be paid on a monthly basis


Deadline for sign-up and payment:

March 15, 2020

This is a limited time offer. Signing up after March 15th, 2020 may be subject to service availability or full construction prices.



Can I choose to sign up later if I want?

Post-deadline signups are a possibility, however, the Tax Improvement Payment Plan offered by the RM of Stanley is only available during the initial build-out. If services are able to be hooked up after (in some cases this will not be possible and each will have to be reviewed individually), full installation costs will be required.

When is the installation fee required?

The installation fee is required before March 15th, 2020 and can be completed through the Tax Improvement Plan or paid in full to Valley Fiber.

I have heard that people in other locations not having to pay for the cost of construction, why is that?

Every city, town, and municipality collaborates with us in different ways to provide our services to you. If you have questions about what is involved in this decision for the RM of Stanley, please contact your council representative.

When can I expect services to be active?

We are planning for all services in the RM of Stanley to be live by the end of 2021. Different phases will be completed at different times. There are many factors that go into the infrastructure of this scale. We will work diligently and efficiently to get to you as soon as possible! The more signups we receive the sooner we can begin construction.

I don’t have the internet, but I see the value of bringing the service to my home. Can I pay the install fee to have it installed without subscribing?

Yes! In this case, the full construction cost will be required and will be quoted specifically per location.

How do I know how much service length beyond the 100 feet I have?

We are able to provide a very close number based on our mapping software, and when there’s doubt an on-site measurement can be taken to the exact spot the services will go.

Can I compare your TV service with mine so I know what I’ll be getting with Valley Fiber? 

Yes! Please check out the TV web page HERE, and you can also download our Channel Lineup HERE.


Our office will be closed to the public until further notice due to COVID-19. Please click here for more information and latest updates.