Valley Fiber Bringing Dedicated Fiber to the RM of Louise

Valley Fiber is very excited to partner with the Municipality of Louise to bring dedicated fiber internet to the community! The Municipality of Louise’s Reeve Murray McIntyre knows what this will mean for the region,

“Access to the internet is something that makes a difference in a community. Here in the Municipality of Louise we need to ensure that those who want it can get access to fast and reliable internet connectivity, and the dedicated fiber internet that Valley Fiber is bringing to our area will do exactly that. Giving our citizens and businesses access to the same quality internet as anywhere else in Manitoba, and better connectivity than is available in most of Canada, will keep us growing and thriving for years to come.”

Construction will begin and end in 2021 and those in the Municipality of Louise can contact the Valley Fiber team at 1- 800-958-5698 with any questions they have or visit to sign up today! For any media inquiries or interview requests please contact Viktor Karklins, the Director of Marketing for Valley Fiber at