Valley Fiber Christmas Story

Behind door number eight of our Advent Calendar, you will find the Valley Fiber Christmas Story is in a sorry state! Help us fill out this Christmas story by filling in the missing words. Save the image below or click the download link, to print or fill in the words on your device! Physical copies can also be picked up at our office at 965 MB-14 in Winkler. Once you have completed the word-game, post a picture to social media with the hashtag #ValleyFiberAdventCalendar to spread some holiday cheer and to submit another entry towards our secret grand prize giveaway! We will also get our voice talent to read our top three favourite stories out loud! Entry to the grand prize giveaway closes on Dec 22nd; winner will be announced on Christmas Eve. Must be following the Valley Fiber social media accounts.
How to play:
Get together with a friend or family member and, without showing them the story, ask them to provide you with words corresponding to the types of words missing from the story (labelled in the brackets). Once you have filled in all of the blank spaces, read the story back to them and laugh about how silly it sounds.
If you want to play alone, just fill in the words as you see fit and share it with us!
All entries must be posted to social media with the hashtag #ValleyFiberAdventCalendar to ensure that we may keep track of all entries. Thank you!