Valley Fiber Ltd. Completes Acquisition of Waterside Wireless


Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba


Valley Fiber, an Internet Service provider in Rural Manitoba, announced today that it has acquired Waterside Wireless, an independent Internet Service Provider in the Winnipeg River Region.

Conley Kehler, Senior VP of Valley Fiber, remarked, “This acquisition further expands our Fiber network footprint (Fiber to the Home) in Manitoba and creates operational opportunities for Valley Fiber. Linda & Ken Hampshire, Dan & Sherry Hampshire have run Waterside Wireless with integrity and transparency, delivering a much-needed resource to Lac du Bonnet and the greater Winnipeg River region. This inclusion is important for area residents to understand this is about more than Waterside Wireless customers, it is a tremendous improvement, allowing nearly unlimited access to whatever the future will bring. We are excited to welcome the Waterside Wireless team and its customers to our company. This acquisition will strengthen our presence in the Lac du Bonnet and Winnipeg River regions and reflects our continued commitment to growing the company to better serve our customers.

“The fit for Valley Fiber was perfect, Waterside Wireless established itself because their area was underserviced, and residents were tired of poor internet service. Much like Valley Fiber they care for their friends, neighbors, and local businesses and this has made them successful, and our plan is to enhance and expand the existing services.” Linda Hampshire (co-founder of Waterside Wireless) explains.

Linda further remarked, “Our priority when we began Waterside Wireless was to supply high quality internet to an area that only had Dial-up available. Through years of hard work and determination, we have been able to give the Waterside customers the internet they needed. However, time moves on, and technology changes, evolving into wanting and needing more. In our meetings with the Valley Fiber team, we saw the same vision, that same determination and drive to succeed to bring newer updated technology and resources into the communities that we serve, while wanting to support our communities to grow and offer a better experience for our customers well into the future. Waterside recognizes that the acquisition to Valley Fiber not only meets, but exceeds the vision that we have always had, to supply better internet. We feel that we could not ask for a better fit, that this is the right path to follow, while continuing to see our dream of a brighter future for our community’s growth while still being able to support the residents that helped us along the way.”

Valley Fiber Limited (VF Ltd.) is a locally owned and operated technology firm based in rural Manitoba (head office based out of Winkler). The ever-growing need for fast and reliable telecommunications has spurred on innovation. This innovation and its almost limitless
potential have been one of the core passions for the Valley Fiber development team. Since 2017, this team has been bringing its next-generation dedicated fiber optic infrastructure design to the region. Valley Fiber, incorporated in December of 2016, and has since formed
many valuable partnerships with industry-leading developers to create and finalize its innovative design. Valley Fiber remains dedicated to building out rural Manitoba with better than city internet.

Valley Fiber is currently constructing the MB Fiber Build Project, a fiber infrastructure investment of $328M which includes over 60 municipalities, cities, and towns in Rural Manitoba. The project will service over 50,000 homes in rural Manitoba. Valley Fiber looks forward to the future in bringing the dedicated internet service that Manitoba residents deserve and ensuring that rural customers are being given access to the same high-quality experience that many urban centers already value. Come join us in that venture or contact us today if you have any questions!

For more information contact Conley Kehler at 204-324-4102