Valley Fiber named top gaming ISP by PCMag – The Winkler Morden Voice

Written by Lorne Stelmach for The Winkler Morden Voice, 20 January 2022

Winkler’s Valley Fiber recently received recognition for providing top level service particularly for the gaming sector, but the honour goes deeper than that in the eyes of CEO Hank Wall.

Cited recently by PC Mag as being a top gaming ISP in 2022, the technology that makes what they provide good for gaming is also good for business, Wall suggested last week.

“Any time you get recognition for being the best … it’s always awesome to be able to step back and acknowledge that you’ve been able to accomplish what you set out to be able to do,” he said. “Being in the industry for only three years, and you’re competing against competitors who have been in the industry for 30 plus years, that’s always a huge feather in our hat.”

PC Mag cited Valley Fiber for being among the best with heady numbers backed up by the measured quality of the connections. When it comes to gaming, a high-quality internet connection is more important than having the fastest download and upload speeds, noted the magazine.

“Valley Fiber will install a duct and fiber to every building in its ever-growing service area, and from the quality it’s offering, everyone should want it. Gamers should be flocking to the ‘town’ of 12,660,” it said.

“The really cool thing to take away from this too is that the reason why we won the award is we ultimately have the lowest latency and the lowest jitter,” said Wall, who likened latency to being basically how fast you can get from point A to point B.

“For gaming, it’s extremely important, but it’s also extremely important for telecommunications … you can also do multimedia extremely well,” he said. “Not only can you game well, but you can also work from afar very well, and that’s really critical for us because we obviously are aware of what’s happening with COVID. We understand people have to work from home and businesses have to adapt.”

“Ultimately, that’s what technology should do for you. Technology should allow you to do things the same, as close as you can, to the same experience as if you were there,” Wall said. “This is step one in the greater technology play, but this is the biggest step that most ISPs cannot make because they’re using shared technology versus dedicated technology.”

He gave credit to all of the staff who are part of the Valley Fiber team for they contributions to the company’s continued success as it continues to expand.

“It is a huge win for the whole team at Valley Fiber,” Wall said. “It’s been a team effort to implement.”

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